About 1, 500 self-repatriated Malawians from South Africa have arrived back home Sunday evening through Mwanza border post.

These are Malawians who are fleeing socio-economic hardships orchestrated by COVID-19 in the rainbow nation.

Spokesperson for the border, Pasqually Zulu, says 29 buses carrying the returnees arrived at the border at around 11 PM.

“We are working to ensure that only Malawians enter the country. Some non-Malawians take advantage of exercises like this one to enter the country undocumented,” he said.

Zulu said the immigration department is working with colleagues from health ministry to make sure that people are safe from COVID-19.

“We are, therefore, asking communities surrounding the border to stay away from the place where we are conducting this exercise,” he said.

One of the returnees, Noel Kadzem’mawa, says thousands of Malawians are suffering in South Africa and need help to come back home.

“With the pandemic, there is high unemployment rate in South Africa. Malawians are suffering. Some are sleeping under bridges whilst others are staying at the bus depots because they cannot afford rental.

“They need to come back home but they do not have resources. Government should help them to come back home,” he said.

So far, over 10, 000 Malawians have arrived back home since April this year.

Credit: Zodiak

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