Mzuzu Police Station has called on support from Mzimba North District Health Office (DHO) to disinfect cells and offices as a preventive measure against Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking Friday at a communication cluster meeting on Covid-19 in Mzuzu, the station’s publicist Paul Tembo, said many people come to police hence the need for disinfection.

He said the police station has done a number of activities in the city to make sure that people are following Covid-19 preventive measure, but remains a threat itself.

“We have made several awareness programs both in communities and on radio to make sure that people are well versed on the pandemic, however our offices and cells are now a threat to lives. We receive a lot of visitors and inmates,” he said.

Commenting on the issue, representative for Mzimba North DHO, Zipporah Munkhondya, said the massage will be conveyed to the DHO’s office for action.

“I will channel the massage to the relevant authorities. Our office will do the disinfection and also provide some personal protective equipment which will help to self-guard lives,” said Munkhondya.

She promised prompt feedback for safety of officers, inmates and other people who seek services at the station.

She appealed to people in the City to be vigilant as more Covid-19 cases are being recorded with 10 new confirmed cases on October 29, 2020 in Mzimba North.

“We know that people are reluctant but we ask them to take extra care, start hand washing as we used to do in the past and put on face masks. In short observe all Covid-19 precaution measures,” she said.

As of October 30, Malawi had 429 active cases and 5303 total recoveries with 3 new recoveries and 184 deaths.

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