Zambia’s Facebook socialite Simon Mwewa has warned the South African government not to grant bail for incarcerated South African based self-proclaimed prophet Shepard Bushiri that he will flee the country.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Mwewa said the South African government must play the issue involving Bushiri and his wife Mary conclusively despite that the rainbow nation does not have the most transparent judicial system.

“We all know South Africa doesn’t have the most transparent judicial system in the world, but they can’t afford to drop the ball on Bushiri,” Mwewa said.

According to Mwewa, Bushiri is a “Gospel Gangster” considering that he leaves a trail of destruction in his path.

“This man that calls himself a Prophet is actually a Gospel Gangster that leaves a trail of destruction in his path. Fraud, money laundering, murder, rape, paid abortions, marriage interference, and wife swapping the list is endless,” he added.

Mwewa further called on Bushiri to leave the pulpit and operate as a gangster adding that he will be given more respect as a “known criminal”

“The average Malawian in Malawi is fully aware of his deviant activities. Bushiri must leave the pulpit and operate as a Gangster. We’ll have more respect for him as a known criminal as opposed to this thing he does where he parades himself as a man of the cloth when in fact not,” he said.

Mwewa has in past been criticizing Bushiri and another Nigerian self-proclaimed prophet Seer One.

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