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KENYA – The 17-year-old was believed to have been gang-raped before the horrific killing, which took place near to her village in Kenya’s Narok County.

Her corpse was discovered in a nearby forest after the incidence, and taken to a university morgue, where her parents were brought to identify her remains, reported local media.

Alex Pareyio, her father described her as everything a parent wanted in a child.

When her parents reported she was missing to the police they were then asked to to identify a body in the mortuary at Egerton University Hospital.

Angry villagers then took it upon themselves after suspecting Dennis Kireu, a local casual labourer of the attack on Mercy Silau Pareyio.

About 30 people then marched to the apartment of another man, Robert Njoroge Ng’ang’a, before breaking through its iron roof to capture him and drag him out.

They also killed another man, who was also connected to the death of this young beautiful lady.

Police in the area revealed that a woman and three men have been arrested during the weekend in connection with the butchering of the two men.

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