There are People whose job requires transportation every day and can’t do without entering a bus to their place of work.

Moreover, December is almost here and many People will be Travelling to their villages to celebrate Christmas with their family.

All these have to pass through commercial cars if you Don’t have a car on your home.


A Bus With An Expired Tyre

Please you all know that this is ember month and this is the month where devil want many People dead.

Don’t ever enter any commercial car with expired tyre because on your way it can explode which can lead to fatal accident.

Tyres are made of rubber and the quality of rubber depreciates with time as it ages.

When tyres are being used they are exposed to oxidation.

Driving with expired and worn outtires could be very dangerous because they may explode and could fail causing accidents that lead to multiple injuries and possibly death.

If You Notice The Driver Is Rushing You To Enter His Bus

If you discover there is no traffic on the road and the driver is rushing you to enter the bus or car, please don’t enter the bus, just find another motor because you Don’t know What he means before rushing you to enter his bus.

If You Pray And Your Mind Tells You To Don’t Enter The Bus

One of the way God deliver People from accident is by telling you silently in your mind not to enter any bus that he have seen evil ahead.

Please hesitate with your mind whenever you pray and your spirit didn’t permit you to go through that bus, run for your life and Look after another bus to enter.

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