18-month-old toddler died in a gruesome way, after his father allegedly smashed his head against a wall following a heated domestic dispute.

The shocking incident occurred in Zimbabwe at Beaconhill Farm in Bindura on the 19th of October and has been confirmed by the police.

Mashonaland Central provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Fidelis Dhewu told The Herald that Matthew Mutore (24) and his wife Cindy Musunda (21) were traveling to Mount Darwin on a fateful day.

The couple decided to stop at Beaconhill Farm in order to pay a visit to Matthew’s mother, Esteri Sunday (46).

Unfortunately, the visit did not pan out as planned as Matthew got into a heated altercation with his mother. During the argument, he threatened to beat his mother up, prompting his wife to intervene.

Inspector Dhewu told the publication, “He was restrained and the mother sought refuge at a nearby house. Mutore alleged that someone wanted to kill his 18-month-old son Matthew Junior and he wanted to protect him.

“He became violent and started throwing stones. Mutore started assaulting his wife while the baby was strapped on her back. The baby fell down and started crying. Mutore picked the baby and his wife snatched him from him. They started wrestling for the baby and Mutore assaulted his wife repeatedly. She escaped and left the baby behind.”

However, as Musunda was fleeing from her violent husband, she heard a thud. She then enlisted the help of her brother-in-law, Zakaria Sunday (17) and two other neighbours before returning to the scene.

At this point, Mutore had locked himself inside a hut and the four had to force the door open, as they tried to retrieve the baby.

“He indicated that he had placed the baby in a red 20-litre bucket and when they found him, he was dead and his skull was deformed,” said Asst Insp Dhewu. “They reported the matter to the police who attended the scene.”

He is expected to appear in court soon.

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