ENGLAND – A teen sex worker  has revealed that she sleeps with 21 men a day and the clients come minutes after another one.

Ellie, 19, from Nottingham, entered the business in 2017 at the age of just 16.

Ellie – 19 Years Old and a Prostitute

The teenager said she charges £70 for a 15 minute session and they are essentially queuing at her door.

She also revealed that she can earn up to £1,500 every evening.

Ellie – 19 Years Old and a Prostitute

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Ellie said: “Obviously my first client has me fresh, with my make-up and my hair done, but once my first client’s gone I have to keep it up.

“I have to have a shower, have an outfit change.

“Sometimes it is literally like five minutes – two to five minutes. Sometimes I have 30 minutes, it all depends on what people’s booked in.”


says she sees up to 21 men a day with clients just minutes apart

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