By Robert Kumwenda

Zangaphe Chimombo has been re-elected as chairman for Chipembezo Cha Makolo Achikuda for another two year term at the annual general meeting for the church in Blantyre.

According to members of the church, his re-election follows his hardworking spirit, listening and his helping hand to the church.

Soon after his re-election, Chimombo said he will continue what he was doing and accept constructive criticism from anyone.

Mbwanje Katopola who was elected as treasure urged fellow members of the church to work with the chairman closely and hailed the previous committee for the job well done.

Chipembezo Cha Makolo Achikuda is believed to be the oldest religion in Malawi because it was started by their forefathers, according to Chimombo.

The Tate of Chipembezo chamakolo A chikuda is Fred Kwacha  of Khulubvi Lodge along Chileka in Blantyre.

Fred Kwacha

Mbona, the rainmaker that once stayed in Khulubvi in Nsanje, History records that he had superhuman powers with which he could ask the gods to bring rain.


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