SOUTH AFRICA – A Lady shared her story on how she has been dating and sleeping with her Madam’s husband when she’s out for work. She further explained that this started when could not afford to further her education.

So she decided to look for a paying job but rather someone gave her an advice to seek for a registered house help work and luckily for her she got registered.

Below is her story:

When I completed the Senior High School, I could not get enough good grades to further my education.

I therefore took to searching for a job to make some funds to go back to school. In the search ,someone advised me to register with a known Househelp Set up. I took the advise and got registered. Not long after, a family employed me to work in their house. I thanked God for the opportunity.

When I started work, I really worked hard to impress the family.I decided to be very submissive in order to be kept in the house. Madam trusted me so much that she entrusted me with many things in the house.

Her two kids also felt comfortable in my presence and because Madam always travelled or came home late, the children were always with me.The man in the house always complimented my works especially the way I cared for the children.

I realized I and the man have fallen for each other.There was never a formal proposal. I guess the love language he used was giving. He showered gifts in cash and kind on me. During the week days we lived in the house as though we were approved couple.This is because the kids leave for school by 7am and Madam drives out by 7.30am.

This man has opted for the night shift at his work place and so he gets home by 10am. This has gone on for a long time without any suspicion.

We play our cards well.Sometimes he gives me money or complements before his wife. I have been with them for two years.The amorous relationship is seventeen months old. For no reason I have began feeling guilty .I am also having pity on Madam.

They have got plenty of money and yet am not happy. This is because I wish I never went to bed with this man.Madam is too kind to suffer what I have done to her.

The man has refused to break up with me.For that matter I want to leave the house even though I would have wished to serve Madam for some time. Please help me out.

Viewers, whats your opinion on this story?

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