Lucky Chikwanda, the driver of the blue Honda Fit which collided with the late socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s Rolls Royce on Sunday said it pains him when people accuse him of causing the businessman’s death.

Lucky said he is “just a poor guy” and the claims that he intentionally caused the accident which killed Ginimbi are outrageous as the Rolls Royce was “flying”.

Lucky experienced minor injuries and is recovering at home after medical treatment.

Speaking to ZTN News, Lucky said he is lucky to be alive. He said:

My life flashed before my eyes. l don’t even know what saved me because we could have died on the spot.

I was with my friend, Artwell; driving at about 60 to 80 kilometres per hour, on our way from Hatcliff.

Just as we approached the curve after Borrowdale Police Station, l saw a car trying to overtake two others.

The vehicle encroached into my lane and it was too late for the driver to apply emergency brakes and for me to avoid him because he was speeding.

The next thing we collided. His car veered off the road and hit a tree.

Lucky’s friend, Artwell, too, survived unscathed.

Source: ZTN News

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