A Nigerian man with the Twitter handle @chimuanyarhs has shared his relationship experience.

A tweep with the handle @skinnyniggr shared a screenshot of a conversation between him and his lover.

His girlfriend sent a text to inform him that she would be getting married the following day.

@chimuanyarhs took to the comment section of the post to share his own experience. According to him, they dated for almost a year and the young lady travelled to Lagos to stay with him for a few weeks.

He said she disappeared all of a sudden and he searched everywhere for her, adding that he literally cried for two days. S

he eventually sent a message four days later that she was engaged and had to leave.

He wrote: “My exe(dated for almost a year). Travelled to Lagos. Stayed few weeks. Spoke on a Sunday. Disappeared. No one heard from her. Got scared. Looked for her. 4 days later.

A lot of Twitter user were shocked by the young man’s experience and they flooded the comment section with reactions.

A tweep with the handle @MAyoWA_zz noted that the lady’s action was wicked, adding that he would continue to stay out of relationships.

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