Tanzania Opposition leader Tundu Lissu fled the country yesterday for political asylum in Belgium.

Reports indicate that Lissu had sought refuge at the German Embassy in Tanzania since Friday, after expressing fear for his life.

Lissu told International media that threats against him have increased after he challenged the re-election of  President John Magufuli.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, the Chadema party leader is seen leaving for the airport accompanied by officials from the German embassy.

However, the US ambassador to Tanzania, Donald J Wright, said that Lissu was leaving the country to seek treatment abroad.

He tweeted on Tuesday: “Glad to hear @TunduALissu was able to depart Tanzania safely this afternoon to seek medical treatment abroad. Wishing him good health and a quick return so that he can continue to play a vital role in Tanzania’s political life.”

Lissu’s departure follows a crackdown on Tanzanian’s opposition that has forced critics of President Magufuli to flee the country.

The John Pombe Magufuli-led government has intensified arrests against opposition politicians, barely a week after he was sworn in for a second five-year term.

On Sunday, former Arusha Urban Constituency MP Godbless Lema, was arrested at Ilbissil in Kajiado County, after attempting to flee to Kenya.

The Standard reported that Lema who was accompanied by his wife Neema Godbless and their three children crossed over to Kenya at the Namanga border, who have since been released.

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