Sexually transmitted infections have become common in ladies especially those practicing unprotected sex.

These STIs include gonorrhea, HPV, Syphilis among others.

It is very difficult to identify a lady with these STIs physically since their symptoms are mainly seen in their organs.

These include thick white discharge that represents yeast infection or green or yellow discharge for gonorrhea.

Without immediate treatment of these infections,one might become infertile or get cervical cancer.

Sores around the mouth and lips are one of the signs of STIs many people ignore.

A lady with these infections can easily be identified by looking at their lips .

Lips of a lady with sexually transmitted infections shown by the sores on it

Meanwhile, to good care of your health by either abstaining, being faithful or using contraceptives. Infections and are everywhere.

Share with us on the comments section below some of the symptoms of a lady with sexually transmitted infections you know.

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