The Amuli’s family has backtracked on its decision to bury the late fitness bunny Michelle ‘Moana’ Amuli after two weeks as they finally managed to identify her body yesterday.

This comes after they were reports that the late Moana’s burial was going to take place at least after November 25 as Tuesday’s post mortem report had been deemed inconclusive.

Speaking to a local publication New Zimbabwe, Moana’s sister Tatts revealed that Moana will be buried Thursday (today) at Zororo Cemetery, Harare.

“She will be buried on Thursday (today), her body will arrive home today.”

“The person we thought was her on Tuesday was not her, it was the other lady,” she said.

Moana and two other foreigners were burnt beyond recognition, to the extent that medical examiners and pathologists were going to have to identify them using DNA. However, a gruesome video footage of Moana burning to death inside Ginimbi’ s Rolls Royce was the one that was used to identify Moana.

“Today other family members were shown a video of Moana before she was burnt beyond recognition so they can now tell who is who hence her body will be home today and her remains will be buried tomorrow at Zororo Cemetery,” she said.

Moana as she was popularly known by her fans on social media, died in a tragic accident involving socialite and flamboyant businessman Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi. She along with two foreigners  Alichia Adams and  Limumba Karim were burnt beyond recognition in the fiery accident along Borrowdale Road, Harare, Sunday early morning.

Moana along with Alichia and Karim died a very painful death amid revelations by the people who first attended the scene.

She died at the age of 26 and is survived by her daughter, Tyra.

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