A Nigerian woman has revealed that she sleeps with another man because her husband has not yet paid her bride price.

The woman further added that her husband is legally married in the United States and also has a son, called off their marriage after travelling abroad.

She disclosed that the man she was caught with in her matrimonial home, is a friend who only came to drop drugs for her eye treatment.

“In 2014 when he traveled, He called me all of a sudden that should go and block his name from where ever i have posted it, that from now on i should not attach his name for anything, which i did as he instructed, i have not been getting attention, he has not been calling, if use someone’s phone to call him, if he hears my voice, he will cut me off.

“He only called at his own convenient time, which i asked him why, he said that The American embassy is deporting Nigerians, that i should be praying for me, which i started praying and fasting that it will not be his portion.

“In 2016 he called me that they encrypts his calls that i cannot be calling him anyhow, and i have been hearing series of rumors in the estate that he is legally married which he has not done anything on me legally.
“In 2019, Early December, I heard he want to come home which he confirmed that he is coming home truly, because he’s been processing visa for our daughter, so he asked me for some documents and i think it’s the reason he’s been calling.

When he came home December, I asked him if he is truly married, He denied it and after i did my findings, i asked him again, he Later said yes that he is married.

“On that faithful day, I asked my boyfriend to come to the house, he brought some drugs for me, because i was asked to do surgery for my eye, which i told him that i want to do surgery but he said no that he will bring some drugs for me overseas, that i will be using.

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