Women gain weight after marriage while men experience it after divorce. This is actually a joke though, but part of it is true. Why do women gain weight after marriage?

According to research, couples’ average weight gain after marriage is up to 5-10 kg after 5 years of their marriage, and this weight is mostly seen among women. Let’s look at the reasons for which women cannot keep their kilos in check;

1.   Fun after marriage

Once the wedding is over, women decide to enter into the feasting mode with their friends. Their frequency of eating increases especially if she is a foodie. This also contributes to their increase in weight.

2.   Plenty s3x means more food

While s3x itself burns calories, it also leads to a craving for more food. After a long s3x session, you crave cakes, ice-creams, and anything sweet. After s3x, the best thing to do is at least get something to eat and after, do some workout.

3.   Peer pressure

Remember the scores of celebrations and parties that are thrown for the newlyweds? Once at the party all there is to do is drink eat and be happy. Devouring food at a party thrown for you may seem justified but what about those extra calories?

4.   Change in attitude towards self

Women tend to spend time on their figure and looks and are normally quite conscious. Before marriage ladies would spend hours in front of the mirror, But after marriage this attitude changes, the pressure is off and they feel that there’s no longer the need to attract a partner.

5.   Taking life easily

Some women think of getting married like clearing all the hurdles. Some couples give up on their careers after marriage and zoom into eating and sleeping. This is why men and women gain weight after marriage.

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