Zimbabwe – In a sad and rather bizarre development, a pack of marauding hyenas dragged a sleeping man from his hut in the dead of the night and killed him before feeding on his body in Chirumhanzu.

Zimbabwe Parks Public Relations Officer, Tinashe Farawo confirmed the ghastly incident to a local publication H-Metro on Tuesday, saying the marauding hyenas ate the man’s lower body.

“It is unfortunate that a Chirumanzu man was killed by hyenas on Monday. He was dragged from his hut while sleeping during the night. His lower body was eaten,” he said.

Human-wildlife conflicts have become common in recent years as animals’ natural habitats continue to diminish at an alarming rate, resulting in them encroaching into human-populated areas.

ZimParks P.R.O Farawo revealed that recently six livestock were killed by hyenas in Chirumhanzu.

Due to the spike in human-wildlife, Farawo said that the Zimbabwe National Parks Authority (ZimParks) is already on the ground tracking down the carnivorous hyenas which are causing havoc with the view to eliminate them.

“In a related incident, six beasts have been killed by hyenas in the same area and parks rangers are on the ground tracking down the problem animals with a view to eliminate the hyenas,” he said.

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