Below are some of the pictures of Kenyan ladies that are causing men headache, their humongous hips leave men turning heads whenever they step out and their bodies drive men crazy, also leaving women envious of them.

Well, from Grace Msalame, the head of content and acquisitions manager at Bamba TV to well-endowed socialite law graduate, Corazon Kwamboka, meet the six Kenyan women killing men with their humongous hips.

Grace Msalame – Media personality and mother of twins. This beautiful lady always dresses to impress and her hips definitely don’t lie.

Grace Msalame

2. Avril – Singer

She is known across Kenya, not only for her banging hits, but also for her enviable figure.

3. Adhiambo Opondo – Publicist

Adhiambo Opondo is famous for her curvaceous hips…

Adhiambo Opondo

4. Kamene Goro – Kiss FM presenter

Kiss FM presenter also has curves for days. She always leaves men glued to her assets whenever she walks past.

Kamene Goro


Kamene Goro

5. Linda Ogutu – KTN News anchor and mother of one.

Linda is not afraid to show off her figure and always keeps it classy.

6. Corazon Kwamboka – Socialite

The University of Nairobi law graduate is known for her voluptuous hips. Her body is just perfect and we are sure it gives some men sleepless nights.

Grace Msalame

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