ZIMBABWE – Police in Zimbabwe have arrested two villagers after information gathered revealed they bought human flesh from a herd boy, Tafadzwa Shamba, who had earlier murdered seven-year-old Tapiwa Makore in September.

The human flesh from the late boy’s thigh was sold at Katsande’s homestead where unsuspecting villagers were gathered for a drink of village whisky, popularly known as kachasu.

Tapiwa was allegedly murdered on 24 September for ritual purposes by Shamba and the deceased’s uncle Tapiwa Makore senior.

The two suspects are in custody awaiting trial.

Reports indicated that Police came Sunday and picked-up Mai Mungandire and Mai Katsande, and both agreed they bought meat from the killer but had no idea that it was human flesh.

One of them initially refused until police officers told her that Tafadzwa had admitted cutting flesh from the thigh of the deceased and sold it to them.

The two unsuspecting women actually cooked the meat and ate.

However, in a separate statement, Monday police national spokesperson Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest of one woman who has since appeared in court.


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