Minister of Justice and Correctional Services in South Africa, Ronald Lamola says Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Mary are guaranteed a fair trial if at all they return to the country for the completion of their case.

Local tabloid, TheEyeWitness reports that during a post-Cabinet briefing on Thursday, Lamola said that they intend sending extradition papers to Malawi for the Bushiris within the next two weeks.

“We want these papers to be sent within the next two weeks because we understand the urgency of the matter and upon sending the documents, we will then liaise with our colleagues in Malawi about the process.”

The couple were released by Malawi court on Thursday after they handed themselves over to the authorities, a day after they arrived in the country after skipping South Africa.

Lamola said that the couple’s claim that they won’t get a fair trial in South Africa was not true.

“They are guaranteed a fair trial in our country. Our processes have been tested over time. Our guarantee of a fair trial is not in dispute in the judicial system in our country, which has proven to be resilient and also proven to be fair, free and without any influence from anyone.”

Meanwhile, the National Prosecuting Authority said that the Bushiris’ multi-million rand home could be auctioned off, with the funds being used to offset costs incurred during the couple’s extradition process.

The South Africa government has since forfeit the couples’ R5.5 Million property after they failed to appear in a Pretoria court this week.


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