The Zimbabwe High Court has granted bail to freelance journalist Hopewell Chin’ono following his arrest over a fortnight ago over a tweet.

It’s the second time the prominent government critic has been arrested this year.

His arrests have sparked an outcry from Western embassies and human rights groups.

Amnesty International described his arrest as the latest tactic to target and harass critical voices through the misuse of the criminal justice system.

Mr Chin’ono, who has spent just over two weeks in jail at the maximum security prison Chikurubi, was arrested over a social media post in which he suggested that he had been tipped off that a prominent woman charged with gold smuggling would be released on bail.

He has been charged with obstructing justice.

In July, Mr Chin’ono spent more than a month in jail for supporting anti-corruption protests. That trial for inciting violence begins early next month.

Rights groups say he should never have been arrested in the first place and that he is being targeted for his criticism of government and exposing corruption.

Mr Chin’ono’s social media posts have attracted a huge following. His bail conditions bar him from using social media to obstruct justice.

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