South Africa – A 36 year woman has reveled that she is in love with her brother, Samuel, 36, and she does not feel anything for someone else.

According to her, she did go to school and she does not know if that is the reason any man has not come to propose her.

Read her story below;

I’m Suzanne Abidjat. I was born in Douala on 18 July 1986, here I am 36. I think the good Lord has forgotten me, sadly, because I celebrated my 36 years of life last month, and still without a husband.

I didn’t have the grace to go to school so let’s say I’m an illiterate, but is this my illiterate status the problem? I don’t think so because I have friends who are illiterates like me and are still married. I am still with my uncle in at this time of my life, He was the one who brought me up since I was little, I didn’t know my own parents. I am with my little brother Samuel Abiyaté and Uncle Séverin Abiyaté.

My worry, for 1 year now I’ve felt something for Samuel and that feeling doesn’t pass away, I really love him. I don’t even know what’s happening to me, I can’t seem to feel anything for another person, because my feelings are too intense for him. I love his personality, love his body, the way he is. Samuel is still in school, he’s still a student, he’s got to finish in maybe two years. I’ve never dared to confess my love to him, what I feel, knowing that it’s not healthy. I get the feeling in his eyes that he loves me too.

Please pray for me, I want to have a husband who will love me for life instead of falling in love with my little brother Samuel. Yes what I want right now is the extinguishing of this feeling in me.

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