Mangochi Secondary School Suspends All Boys


Management of Mangochi Secondary School has sent all the boys packing following the fire they set to the dining and storerooms on Saturday.

Several factors ranging from alleged poor diet, fees increment, mismanagement of funds meant for school infrastructure forced the students to riot on the day.

The school’s deputy headmistress, Amina Morris Gama has confirmed the incident, while Mangochi police spokesperson, Rodrick Maida has confirmed the arrest of 10 students in connection with the incident.

At around 8pm, the students mobilised and chanting songs against the school authorities.

Tatopa ndikudya nyemba tsiku ndi tsiku. Tikufuna tidzidyanso nyama chifukwa pa m’ndandanda wa madyedwe pali nyama [we are tired of eating beans daily. We also want meat because it is on our menu.”

The students also smashed the headteacher’s office where they managed to enter and tore books while threatening to deal with anyone attempting to stop the protests.

“Students even wanted to go to one of the teachers to deal with him for not paying attention to their pleas. But thanks to communities because we managed to put out the fire on time,” said one of the eye witnesses.

Mangochi Secondary School is a conventional district boys and girls facility opened in 1964.

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Flora Mitumba

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