A picture surfaced on the internet where a man supposed to be the thief was drinking a Rush energy drink.

This incident happened at takoradi in Ghana when a thief was given a rush just to restore his energy so he can be beaten more.

Funny and sad isn’t it? Because we all thought an energy drink was supposed to be taken to keep people doing work not in the case of giving people energy so they can be beaten more.

The thief looked exhausted and calm as he sucks the energy drink and also his body was ashy.

The comes with a caption “Welcome to Takoradi Ghana, where a after beating a thief, we offer him a bottle of rush energy drink so we can beat him again .U see how kind we are. No place like Taadi ”

This is the first time in history where a thief has been showed care with a negative motive. Some Ghanaians saw the act to be funny others also condemned the fact that people are not supposed to put the law in to their own hands and act accordinly


Source vasante5

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