A child rights activist Lucky Mbewe has accused traditional healers in the country of fueling cases of rape the country.

This comes amid rising reported cases of rape in the country.

Mbewe has alleged that the malpractice is being promoted by witch-doctors who are reportedly advising their clients to sleep with underage girls for fortunes.

But according to Mbewe, there is need for government to address some of the beliefs that are violating the rights of children most especially young girls, the fight against cases of defilement will be in vain.

This has brought the need to review the works of traditional healers if the country is to minimize cases of defilement. We also need collective efforts to address this situation said Mbewe.

Currently, the Malawi Law Commission is engaging various stakeholders in reviewing the Witchcraft Act.

The review seeks to address the gaps in the law that have resulted in the failure to protect Malawians from witchcraft and suspects of witchcraft from unfair prosecution.

The review will address issues including witchcraft, satanism, witchcraft and the rule of law, the role of traditional healers and leaders and religious leaders in connection to witchcraft as well as vulnerable groups and victim management.

Credit: MIJ

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