Polygamy Gone Wrong As Jealous Woman Kills Hubby And Axes Daughter/Co-Wife After Marital Dispute


ZIMBABWE- A jealous woman from Mutawatawa who was sharing her husband with her daughter has been arrested for axing his husband and daughter in a fit of rage.

In a case of polygamy gone wrong, The Publication has established from Zimbabwe’s local publication that, 40-year-old Merjury Murwira was arrested for murdering her husband Taruvinga Muhwati who also happened to be married to her daughter Prudence Muchemwa.

According to the police on 19 November 2020 at around 11 am, Taruvinga and Murwira had a misunderstanding over the accused’s former husband’s death certificate.

“The now deceased ordered the accused person to return the death certificate and other documents to her former in-laws,” police said.

However, this did not go down well with Murwira as the altercation resulted in a fight. Muchemwa is alleged to have joined in the fight and assaulted her mother.

After physically assaulting each other, the trio is alleged to have reasoned with each other and went on with their daily tasks. However, in the dead of the night, Murwira alleged to have picked up an axe and started to strike her now-deceased husband before she went on to strike her daughter.

“On the same date at around 8 pm, the trio retired to bed in the same hut.”

“At around 2300 hours, the accused person woke up and picked an axe. She struck the now deceased once on the left side of the chin and once on the right jaw. She further struck her daughter with whom she shared the husband once on the right side of the head and once on the right arm,” police said.

After axing them,  Murwira is reported to have fled from the scene leaving behind her 11months old baby boy while her daughter/co-wife rushed to her neighbors homestead to inform her about what Murwira had done. Unfortunately, by the time they returned to the scene, Muhwati had succumbed to his injuries.

“The neighbor accompanied informant to the scene where they observed that Muhwati had died. He then reported the matter to ZRP Mutawatawa through the phone.”

“On 20 November 2020 at around 1300 hours, the accused person was arrested by members of the public at Kararira Village, Chief Katevera Mt Darwin.”

“ZRP Mutawatawa attended the scene. Both informant and accused were taken to Nyanzou Clinic from where they were further referred to Mutawatawa District hospital for medical examination,” police said.

The deceased’s body was taken to Mutawatawa Hospital Mortuary for a  postmortem.

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