35 year old woman Novia Madia has recalled how her husband planned her assassination over R1 million insurance money.

According to Madia, her husband engaged hitmen who abducted and taken her to a river the place supposed to be her final place.

Luckily, the hired hitmen rescinded their decision as their conscious could not let them to take the life of an innocent woman instead they abandoned the mission.

Madia continues that after the hitmen called off their assignment, they revealed to her that it was her husband who hired them to abduct and kill her over the said insurance money.

To fool the husband, they took a photo of Novia tied up after they’d hijacked and kidnapped her on 2 November and sent it to him.

They untied her and went to a cop shop to report him.

Novia Madia

The would-be assassins have turned state witnesses!

Novia said her husband is on the run.

She said: “I don’t know what he’s planning. He may send other people to finish me off.”

The hitmen apparently told her the husband gave them one of her cars as security for the R22 000 he promised to pay them as soon as he received an insurance payout.

“I’ve been living with this man not knowing he’s planning this evil against me,” said Novia.

She’s since recovered her car from the izinkabi!

She recalled how she was tied up and gagged.

She said: “I thank God for fighting for me. I prayed so hard.

“I cried and begged for mercy even though I was gagged.

“I was so relieved when they abandoned their plan and spared my life.”

Novia Madia

Her older sister, Pinkie Mashego, said Novia’s 49-year-old husband is heartless.

“He’s abusive, but this is too shocking.

“It shows he’s after her money and clearly doesn’t care for his wife.”

Pinkie said the terrified Novia is in hiding and doesn’t feel safe.
Novia said she’s worried that cops are taking too long to arrest the man.

“I’m living in fear and in hiding because I don’t know where he is.’’

Sergeant Marylene Mmonwa of Bushbuckridge police said a case of kidnapping and hijacking was opened.

Police were building a case before they could make an arrest, said Mmonwa.

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