The matter involving the estate of the late businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kandungure has been finalized after the Kandungure family agreed to accept the unsigned will and appointed an executor of the estate.

On Wednesday at least 10 people including Ginimbi’s father and his two sisters and Zodwa Mkandla met at the Master of High Court’s Office where they unanimously agreed on using the unsigned document as the official last will and testament of Ginimbi.

While Ginimbi’s close relative, Patricia Darangwa was appointed as executor for his estate, his ex-wife, Zodwa Mkandla confirmed the development to a local publicationin Zimbzbwe

The court has made its decision and Patricia Darangwa has been appointed as the executor. We cannot disclose the net worth of everything, but as of now, we await Darangwa to give us the direction on the way forward, she said.

In Ginimbi’s last will and testament, the proceeds from his trust will be divided three ways between his father and two sisters as follows:

  • Nelia Kadungure – 60 per cent
  • Juliet Kadungure – 30 per cent
  • Anderson Kadungure – 10 per cent

Assets include the prized Domboshava mansion a fleet of luxury supercars as well as lucrative gas companies among others.

Ginimbi died on the 8th of November in a tragic car accident which also claimed the lives of three other people, Michelle ” Moana” Amuli, Alicia Adams, and Limumba Karim.

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