ZIMBABWE – As we all have been waiting for the ruling of the court on the burial of fitness bunny Mitchelle Moana AMuli, the news is that she will be buried as per the wishes of his father. This means Mr Ishamael Amuli has won the case. Moana will be buried at Warren Hills.

Moana's Burial Put On Hold For 2 Weeks , Pathology Report Inconclusive

In passing his judgement, the judge said…Amuli raise her and was her sole custodian and he chose the religion for her. The applicant Moana’s mother was absent from her daughter’s life from her infancy and it was Amuli’s constitutional right to choose. A year that she didn’t speak to her father is nothing compared with the 25 years they were in good books.

Ginimbi affairs and relationship with Moana Mimi - MCM
Ginimbi and Maona

The deceased didn’t openly renounce Islam from 2013 when she became an adult. Suffice to say, the applicant didn’t make it clear or convince this court how the deceased’s lifestyle influences a solemn occasion like death. I conclude that the burial order was correctly issued and there’s nothing wrong with its issuance it remains valid. No evidence that she will be excluded from the burial rites. Application dismissed with costs.

What Moana was doing was against our religion - estranged father speaks –  Nehanda Radio
Maona and his father Ishamael Amuli

So Moana will be buried at Warren Hills at 1 pm tomorrow, Saturday 28th. Everyone is free to attend. The body will still pass through Highfield in the casket. Casket to be discarded at the cemetery, Yolanda and relatives to decide what to do with the casket.

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