A child rapist collapsed and begged for mercy after he was flogged 146 times with a cane during a public whipping in Indonesia.
During the whipping, the man pleaded for the punishment to stop and was briefly treated by a medic before the flogging restarted.
Following his collapse, he was immediately taken to a medical centre for treatment.
“When he was lashed 52 times, he was found on his right back, there were heavy blisters, if he continued and was hit by the same beating, the blood vessels could burst and bleed,” one of the doctors said.
“It is better if we postpone it until the recovery is good and the convict can be punished again.”
The teenager was arrested earlier this year on charges of molesting and raping a minor.

The DailyMail UK says the punishment is dolled out as part of a version of Islamic religious law – known as Sharia – enforced in Aceh Indonesia.

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