Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice president for the South Kondwani Nankhumwa has called on Malawians to quickly report any sexual assault and Gender Based Violence (GBV) to the Police, religious and traditional leaders for action.

Nankhumwa’s call comes as the world is commemorating 16 Days of Activism and Malawi is registering a surge of rape and defilement cases.

“I also want to encourage Malawians to quickly report sexual assault and GBV suspects to the nearest police, religious and traditional leaders for action,” Nankhumwa said.

He further pointed that it is the duty of parents and guardians including teachers to take a leading role in providing the necessary protection for children against sexual molesters and predators following reports that most perpetrators are people related or close to the victims.

Nankhumwa also hinted that sexual abuse is also being done in work places in which seniors demand sex from “unsuspecting women workers in exchange for work related favors.”

“I also wish to encourage victims of such sexual abuse at the work place to be bold enough and report such shameful and immoral conduct to the police and other relevant authorities,” he said.

He then added that there is a need to explore other ‘innovative’ ways of reporting and disposing of rape and sexual violence cases in order to minimize the attendant stigma that discourages victims to report sexual violence cases. For example, authorities can create ‘hotline phone numbers’ through which such emotionally sensitive cases can be reported to law-enforcing agencies.

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