Former Deputy Minister of Homeland Security Charles Mchacha has been charged with four counts of inducing public officers to perform their duties corruptly.

Mchacha is said to have influenced public officers to make processes so that he acquires land at Kanjeza Forest belonging to Forestly Department.

Ministry of Defence principal secretary Bright Kumwembe has been charged with giving false information and neglect of official duty.

However, the two will not take plea as Anti-Corruption Bureau is yet to get consent to prosecute from Director of Public Prosecution

Mchacha’s lawyer Chancy Gondwe has since asked the court to release Mchacha unconditionally saying his arrest was unlawful as he was arrested while on duty as member of parliament.

Gondwe said there is need for the chief justice to certify the matter. He says the case against him should be stayed until the certification by the Chief Justice.

Gondwe added that in the event that the issue of certification is not considered, Mchacha and Ministry of Defence principal secretary Bright Kumwembe should be released on bail saying ACB is yet to get consent and it is not known when the consent will be ready.

Principal Resident Magistrate Viva Nyimba has since adjourned the matter to 2pm for bail ruling.

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