President Dr Lazarus Chakwera on Wednesday expressed regret at the absence of the country’s former presidents at the Thanks-Giving Service held at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

“I would have loved if all the former presidents were here. I therefore appeal to you organizers that next time should you fail to convince them, let me know. I will personally invite them,” said Chakwera.

He said “everybody must be here. It’s all for everyone.”

The country has three retired presidents : Bakili Muluzi, Joyce Banda and Arthur Peter Mutharika.

All were not present at the service.

He also proposed that Malawi should turn the service into an annual event, saying “this should not be the end but the beginning”.

Chakwera said the country ” must not be consumed by bitterness and cynicism.”

He said God’s love and compassion had not failed Malawi which was at the verge of being consumed by political conflict, demos, fraud, corruption, lawlessness and crime and police brutality towards the 2019 chaotic elections.

“We were not consumed not because we were clever and strategic, but because of God’s great love.”

The inter-denominational prayers were convened in order to thank God for being faithful during the country’s highly contested fresh presidential election and COVID-19.

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