As cases of rape and defilement are on the pick in the country another cases is reported from Chikwawa in the area of Traditional Authority Makhuwira whereby a 2 year old baby has been defiled.

Authorities from Chikwawa District Social Welfare Office confirmed of the development.

According to Aaron Macheka an official from the district’s Social Welfare Officer said the victim who is an orphan met the fate earlier this week.

Macheka added that the district has registered over 20 cases of rape and defilement cases in the last two months.

He further said that most of the victims their ages range from 2 to 10 years.

Te country is registering a surge in rape and defilement cases across the country which has attracted different reactions on the matter as most people re calling for stiff punishment for perpetrators.

Just few days ago a video of Minister of Homeland Security went viral in which he ordered that rapist should be dealt with at the community level describing the act of raping children as disgusting.

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