Chadwick Boseman who passed at the climax of his career as an actor has been honored by the Entertainment Weekly in it’s pages of the latest issue as the entertainer of the year 2020.

Boseman became a household name following his role as an African King T’challa in the celebrated comic movie Black Panther, died in August this year after battling colon cancer which he kept private for four years.

Despite that months have gone after Boseman passed, tributes haven’t stopped pouring in for the celebrated King including how just this past weekend Marvel Studios’ Black Panther received a new intro ahead of the film.

Angie Thomas, author of The Hate U Give, pens the tribute to him this time for EW, explaining his legacy on and off-screen.

She dives into how he embodied every character he played, writing, “You could tell that he was genuinely invested in these stories and these people. But I think my favorite thing was you could see bits of him in every character that he played. You could see his loving, his kindness, his gentleness, his intelligence in every role everything that’s good about him.”

Speaking about his role as T’Challa, Thomas continues, “He was an embodiment of hope through that character. He was an embodiment of strength through that character. And he was an embodiment of what our kids can look at and say, ‘This is what I can be’ — not the superhero with the powers, but someone with this level of intelligence, this level of grace, this level of dignity, this level of power that’s beyond a superpower.”

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