The country’s Anti-Grafting Body has asked the Malawi Prison Service (MPS) not to be considering of pardoning inmates who were jailed in relation to corruption cases saying that is the only way to show seriousness in fight against corruption in the country.

Anafi Likwanya, Chief Legal and Prosecution Officer for Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) made the appeal at Zomba Maximum Prison during the corruption awareness campaign organized by the Bureau.

According to Likwanya, if inmates that were convicted due to corruption are pardoned before their jail term ends, people will not take the fight against corruption in the country seriously.

“Our aim is to fight, end and make our society corrupt free nation hence this call to consider not pardoning corrupt convicts,” said Likwanya.

He said letting corruption convicts finish their sentence will be a sign that all stakeholders are indeed united in the fight against corrupt practices.

He added that the main objective of this call to create environment where everyone will be afraid of being involved in any corrupt practices.

He pleaded to authorities responsible for choosing those to be considered for the pardon to leave corrupt offenders until they finish their sentence.

“My appeal to authorities is to make sure that the sentences by the courts to corrupt convicts should be served fully without pardons,” he added.

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