By Robert Kumwenda

Outgoing President of Rotaly Club of Limbe Nabeel Panjwani says the impact of Covid -19 has affected their organization to meet its targets this year.

He said they used to meet every two weeks previous but everything was disrupted and they started commutating through online.

Panjwani however said they have managed to donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’S) worth 100 million kwacha to Malamulo Hospital at Makwasa in Thyolo district.

“We also bought polio plus materials worth 700,000 kwacha in the month of October so far we have raised 1.5 million thanks to Rotaly polio is now eradicated that now one percent of the World Population has the disease,” he said.

Panjwani said they also have two projects in Mangochi where they are distributing treadle pumps to local farmers to pump water from the lake, each group of five farmers one treadle is assigned to them.

He also said that they have got a Covid unit built at Zomba Central Hospital in partnership with Germany City of Weimer.

“We have not been able to meet our strategies because of Covid 19 because people are suffering and are failing to contribute money for the charity activities,” he said.

The outgoing Lottery Club of Limbe further said that they also take part in Environmental Management work that this year they intend to plant about 15,000 trees in Blantyre catchment area.

He said they intent to do it next month saying that they follow the guidance of Blantyre Water Board (BWB) in Blantyre Catchment area.

“We involve the youth and children as one way of raising awareness to them on the importance of conserving our natural surroundings, we also have seven to eight projects that have been running for the past years like the watershed project where water is maintained to go down in the soil to be fertile for some time,” he said.

The organization started in 1908 by Rottely Foundation the aim was to give charity in the city of Chikago in the United States of America (USA).More than 100 million dollars is raised for charity in Malawi and other countries in the region.

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