Chapananga bridge which is 1.8 Kilometers long making it the longest bridge in Malawi is intact and has no cracks. Minister of Transport and Public works Sidik Mia has said

Mia toured the entire bridge and also the approach which is undergoing maintainance due to floods that hit recently.

Social Media has been rife that Chapananga bridge has cracks ; impassable and washed away.

However , truth of the matter is that the bridge is still open to traffic and that in September this year ; Roads Authority gave PLEM construction contract to do maintainance for the road protection works.

Even though the bridge was handed over two years ago ; the Roads Authority has not yet paid PLEM construction almost half of the total payment which is around K 3. 6 Billion.

Meanwhile b, the contractor has promised to complete the repairments of the road protection works by next week.

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