Kawale police detectives have arrested three people whom they intercepted transporting 98 packages of cannabis sativa weighing 156kgs on Tuesday, December 8, 2020.

According to reports, the three identified as Grecian Kansale (22), Safa Fletcher (22) and Bernald Linde ( 31) were arrested during a sweeping exercise conducted in Kawale area which was led by Detective Sub Inspector Lapozo being an initiative conducted prior to Christmas and New year festivals with the aim of creating Kawale a drug and Crime free location.

Brief facts are that on this particular day, Kawale detectives had a Sweeping exercise. Through intelligence collection, they managed to uncover the syndicate that the said motor vehicle was carrying the elicit drug.

Following the information the car was intercepted at Fipam as it was coming from Kawale Filling Station and it was discovered that it had been loaded with (98)well wrapped black plastic bags.

The driver and the two passengers were all arrested at spot.

During the same operation, the team went and hit Chilinde newlines and uprooted the Cannabis Sativa plants which were being grown in the maize field.

The owner of the farm who is at large has not yet been identified.

The team also made further arrests in the Shabbins of Biwi, Chilinde 1 and Chilinde newlines for similar offences.

Currently the suspects are in Police custody pending court appearance soon.

The three suspects are identified as Grecian kansale (drivers),22 years, Kachezela village, T/A Mbedza of Salima District, (2) Safa Fletcher (22), Chipangasa village, T/A Chimpeni of Dowa District; and Bernald Linde ( 31) of Chiwaya village, T/A Khonsolo, Mzimba District. All residents of Chilinde.


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