People are always harping on you to drink more water, but did you know that there’s such a thing as overhydration. Drinking too much water can cause low electrolyte levels, which causes a whole range of negative side effects. When your electrolyte levels drop or become imbalanced too fast, the results can even be fatal.

People frequently at risk of over-hydrating include endurance athletes who row, cycle, run marathons, or do rigorous hikes. Here’s how to make sure you’re drinking a safe amount of water on a daily basis.

1. Tired muscles

Do you frequently feel that your muscles are fatigued, even if you’re not working out? Other side effects can also cause nausea and aches, so if you’re drinking a lot of water and suffering from these ailments, over-hydration may be the culprit. This is due to sodium levels dropping in the blood.

2. Swelling of body parts

If you feet, hands and lips are experiencing unusual swelling, you might be drinking too much water, as this is a common side effect of electrolyte imbalance. Fluids in your body try to correct imbalanced blood sodium, and the result is “fluid overload,” which can cause swollen limbs.

3. Feelings of confusion or disorientation

If you at all experience delirious feelings, confusion, or being disoriented, seek medical attention as this is a serious repercussion that happens when our bodies consume too much water. This might be a sign of brain swelling.

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