In a shocking and devastating news, a Nigerian name whose name has been withheld confessed of charming her boyfriend to make him marry her and hate his family member who were not pleased with the relationship of the two.

Seeking help from people, the lady wrote on social media explaining the whole story on how it started, according to her, she met the man 25 years ago staying with his mother who raised him alone since his father had passed when he was 4 years old.

When the supposed mother in law found out of the relationship, she was against it a development which angered the lady who later took a move of visiting a Tradition Doctor to charm the man making him marry her, which worked and they got married after two months.

She also turned her husband against his mother and sisters.

“My husband stopped taking care of them. Sometimes they will come to my house to beg for raw food but I do chase them out. I am the reason why the sister is not yet married till date. Though I have released her but it’s too late already,” she confessed.

She further added that she is the reason her mother in law died because she lacked care and proper treatment when she fell sick and the man denied paying hospital bills for his mother saying they were not in his budget.

“Her daughter brought her to me to dump her there, since we refused to send money, I refused the entrance. She curse me that I will train my children but none of them will take care of me. That my children will abandon me and will never respect or listen to my opinions, I laughed over it,” she added

As they say Karma is a b*tch fast forward, the woman’s son got a neighbor’s child pregnant but the lady defended her son that he cannot do it but was later disappointed to hear that his son had apologized and married the same girl she had already talked bad about.

She is now calling for advise as all her children as now abandoned her and she is like living in the live she made her mother in law lived despite visiting different pastors and churches nothing seem to be bearing fruits

“Please what should i do please post. my pastor advised me to confess to my in-laws but i don’t know how to go about that. My husband will surely end the marriage and my in-laws will never allow me into their lives. My mum is with me in this. She was the one that actually took me to the place they did the charm.

“Please help me. My world is crumbling, if you know any strong man of God that will deliver recommend. Thanks and God bless. i will be in the comment section.

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