Extramarital affairs and cheating in relationships have become the order of the day for many people who are in a relationship. The man is either caught cheating or the lady will be caught instead! This present generation no longer has respect and regards for relationship.

Man caught his friend cheating in bed with his wife to be! In the video that was uploaded on the Twitter social media, it showed the very moment the said man was about opening the door of the house where the friend and his wife to be were in.

Another man who happened to be in the video was holding the phone camera which they used in recording the immoral scene which was caught on camera.

The Twitter user who posted the video tweeted the following caption with it and we quote…

“Here is the gist, this man has been suspecting his wife to be of having an affair with one of his friends, he then planned with his younger brother and sadly, he caught his wife to be cheating with his friend! just simply sad! Lol! He actually gave his friend some beating!”…

Here are a couple of screenshots from the video.

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