A man has been arrested for raping a female dog. The culprit is said to have engaged a dog in s3xual errands which he recorded and put it online for general viewing.

The immoral behavior attracted the visual impressions of many people who got frozen of the unwanted act. This compelled them to lay down series of reactions regarding the bad incident.

To him, it appears as a normal thing, something which gave him all the courage to record the s3xual content with dog and post it online. Many who viewed the clips found need to be fully ashamed of the act.

Others reacted in a more humorous way. They claimed that the morally eroded man was trying his effort to be known wide to the world. The act was nothing but only meant to give him fame he wanted. Now that he is arrested and the whole world knows, his mission is accomplished.

However, the reason which drove the man to engage such atrocity remains unknown. Himself did not give an explanation as to why he committed such an abominable act.

See photos below;

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