It’s not every day you see our Malawian famous musicians gather together in one room, under one theme with one purpose (and no! not to perform), well it happened this week on 15th up to 16 December at Riverside Hotel in Lilongwe, under the title Training of Trainers for Musicians, organized by the Secretariat.
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According to the Executive Director for COSOMA, Mrs. Dora Makwinja, this was arranged with the purpose of clearing the gap between COSOMA and their stakeholders (the musicians) so that they go and teach their fellows the information they have acquired. She further stressed that they look forward to have similar trainings with other groupings.
Concurring with the Executive Director, Mr. Kendall Kamwendo, a musician who is also a Board Member of COSOMA was quoted saying, the gap will indeed be lifted. COSOMA may have in the past been misunderstood, but as it has opened its doors and taught us how they work, we will go forth and teach others.
“People will listen better to us because they know we share the same interests, this training has long been awaited and now we are ready to share the information with others”. He said.
It was a gracious moment as information was shared, notes were taken and the air was cleared as 26 musicians were equipped with the knowledge that they are to share with their fellows. COSOMA opened its doors and revealed the various processes involved in documentation, licensing and distribution as these functions are mandated in Section 5 of the Copyright Act, 2016.
On the sidelines Maggie Mangani the “Zatha Zonse” singer said as for her, the issues she earlier had, had been addressed and now she is in a better position to teach others “I for one have learnt that about declaration of my works, and the importance of the deeds of assignment form so as that of the beneficiary form”. She said.
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