UNITED KINGDOM – One of the world’s most prolific sperm donors says Christmas has come early after being told three more British women are pregnant with his children.

Joe Donor, from the US state of Vermont, has already fathered 150 kids – impregnating about 10 women a year – and has donated his sperm while travelling across the UK.

Finding out that three more British women are set to give birth to his children in 2021 is the “best Christmas present of all”, he said, adding that the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t slowed him down.

The 50-year-old, who anonymously donates his sperm and never uses his real name in interviews, has been living in Ilford, north-east London, for the past three months after arriving in September.

“Helping women create the gift of life is the best present of all.

“I’m always ready to climb down that chimney and give women the dream baby they’ve always wanted.

“Since arriving in the UK in September I have met up with about 15 women,” said Joe.

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