SOUTH AFRICA  – A shocking incident has happened in SA were a 13-year-old girl was burnt with an iron accusing her of stealing a weave from a woman on Friday.

Reports indicate that the woman and a group of her friends allegedly took the girl to a house in Phola Park, where they plugged in an iron and burnt her all over her body.

“I tried telling them that I did not steal the wig, but they did not listen,” said the girl.

“As they continued burning me from the legs to the head, I said the wig is with my friend just so they can stop.”

The girl also has a scar on her left thigh, after she was previously st_abbed by another woman, who had accused the child of sleeping with her boyfriend.

The woman who sta_bbed the girl is in her late 20s and is friends with the arrested group – but police have been unable to find her.

“She said I was sleeping with her man, but that is not true. She sta_bbed me on the thigh last month and was with the people who burnt me with an iron, accusing me of stealing a wig,” says the teen.

The girl’s mother says the police failed her daughter.

“She was badly beaten and burnt. She could not walk and I hired a car to take us to the hospital,” says the mom.

“The nurse did not sign the required documents, saying we came a day after the incident and the police asked for the documents to be signed before they could take up the case,” said the victim’s mother.

On Wednesday, angry residents caught the group of four and handed them over to the police.

Meanwhile, Police have arrested four people suspected to have burnt the girl.

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