A video by an influential former Nigerian senator making unsubstantiated claims about coronavirus vaccines has been viewed by more than 130,000 people on social media.

Without offering evidence, Dino Melaye describes the coronavirus vaccine as “a killer” and warns African governments against using it.

There have been no confirmed reports of deaths linked to people taking Covid-19 vaccines, which have started to be rolled out in the UK, US and some other countries.

Scientists say a vaccine offers the best way out of the coronavirus pandemic. Africa has had more than two million confirmed cases.

Vaccines are only approved for widespread use after clinical trials show them to be safe and effective.

Mr Melaye also suggested that the vaccines were being promoted for “satanic purposes” by the West whom he accused of using African countries as “guinea pigs”.

Trials for potential Covid-19 vaccines have been taking part across the world, not only in Africa.

For example, thousands of people took part in the Oxford/AstraZeneca trials in the UK before the same drug was tested on volunteers in South Africa, Brazil and the US.

Mr Melaye also expressed skepticism that a vaccine could have been developed in such a short timeframe.

Experts say the required safety checks are being followed for coronavirus vaccines.

However, the scale of the global response to Covid-19 and the huge amount of money invested have enabled breakthroughs to be made in record time.

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