While Anti Corruption Bureau still investigates and has not yet arrested 3 Councillors, Steven Simusokwe (MCP), Smart Kaira (DPP) and Ngasalayumo Mwangonde (MCP), who corruptly and dubiously sold Karonga Business Centre Public Land to Tanzanians and Malawians at Karonga Market last year December, because they seems untouchable, the Chaiperson Steve Simusokwe (MCP) was at it again this time, last week selling 12 plots to Tanzanians and people that are not vendors taking advantage of Operation Dongosolo to remove Hardware Vendors from inside the market.

Vendors plans demonstrations for this and They  have a huge calculated syndicate plunder of public resources at Karonga District Council which is engineered by the Head of Procurement Mr Chirambo,The Director of Public Works,Mr Chitete, Steven Simusokwe (Chaiperson) , Smart Mwakayira and Ngasalayumo Mwangonde.

The Disaster Prone District of Karonga regarded as one of the most funded in the North has turned to be is the most corrupt Council in Malawi.For instance a 5km poorly Reshaped Road without gravel from Karonga Old Town to MBC via John Dubbey  that Karonga District Council, which is in progress, will cost tax payer money amounting to K21 Million Kwacha which was awarded secretly to unregistered Contractor, Lenzo Construction, that has a fake K 100 Million NCIC Category, whose Director is Lenard Kyombo, a UTM NEC Member, without tendering and following procurement procedure as indicated in the Local Purchase Order.

Its believed 2 Councillors and Mr Chitete had a hand in this.

The unfinished Pusi Market in Kapolo,was too secretly awarded to Tulia Construction amounting to K14 Million without following Procurement procedures.

As this is not enough,the Karonga District Council has just awarded a Contract to Professional Merchant worth K18 Million for Road Reshapings at Kasisi yet the Company has no NCIC Licence nor valid Tax Clearance. A mere grasscutting 3km Chihepusha Road has been dubiously awarded to Chitete ‘boy’, Gift Mwambinga of Pina Construction at a whoooing K9.9 Million.

These are just a few of many corrupt acts happening at Karonga District Council while the Minister of Local Government and the State President Dr Lazarus Chakwera is busy arresting opposition DPP sympathisers.

The Chairperson of Karonga Malawi Building and Civil Allied Trades Association (MABCATA), Mr Matani Msowoya wrote the District Commissioner, Mr Paul Kalilombe, expressing disappoint on Unprocedural, illegal, corrupt Procurement and Award of contracts.

He complained that the Karonga District Council hand pick suppliers without following Public Procurement  of Disposal Assets and Awards of Construction Contracts to Contractors that are not registered with NCIC gives room for Corruption and fraud,bloating of contract value for example the Chihepusha Road drains Council resources.

Contractors in Karonga plans demonstrations should District Commissioner fail to stop all suspicious projects in Karonga and remove Chitete and Chirambo by 04th January 2021.

They have further asked Mr Kalilombe not to pay these dubious Contractors.
Since it’s establishment, the ACB has never arrested anyone in Karonga.

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