A group of one Party victims (Returnees and Detainees) have threatened to hold vigils at the Office of President and Cabinet at Capital Hill in the capital Lilongwe to force government to compensate them in a month time.

The grouping made the threat during a press briefing.

The group is expressing concern over what they are terming as government’s continued delay give them their compensation.

According to Sangwani Mkandawire, leader of the grouping they have waited for 25 years pushing government to compensate them following the atrocities they faced during the one party era.

Mkandawire says, the grouping has tried to talk to the Attorney General, Civic Education and National Unity ministry, and the Ombudsman but nothing has been done after the engagements.

The grouping says they suffered during the one party era and some went into exile.

Last year, they held vigils at parliament pushing the past government to compensate them but their cries went unheard.

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