A Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) sergeant was on Saturday, December 26 lynched by a mob in capital, Nairobi after a woman and her fiancé falsely accused him of being a thief.

The soldier, 38, got into a fight with the couple after he allegedly winked at the man’s fiancée while heading home from Fahari Hotel in Utawala. The KDF man was with his brother at the time.

“The conflict culminated in a stone-throwing match pitting the couple on one end and the sergeant on the other,” said the DCI in a statement posted on Twitter on Saturday, December 26.

“When the couple was overpowered, they raised the alarm, claiming they had been attacked by robbers. As a result, a mob of six men came to the couple’s rescue and beat up the sergeant to death. His (KDF officer’s) brother escaped [death] by a whisker,” said the DCI.

Police have since arrested five people in connection with the KDF man’s death.

“They will be arraigned on Monday, December 28,” said the DCI.

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